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Saturday, August 2, 2014


We asked all the #TNEI2015 finalists who they are as an Erzulliesta. This is Em-Em Bunyi's reply:

“I represent the fun perky unconventional plus size-- the plus size female that never gets tired to try different things instead they are lively and enjoys every bit of evolution.

I always describe myself as an eccentric and eclectic person because I have unusual style that I get to the things I read, I feel, I know, I learn and to the things I want to explore and give a shot. My own aesthetics built by these things that transpires not only in my fashion, but in my lifestyle, as well.

I don't like to limit myself by the stigma and stereotypes instead I want to express myself and be the best me. That's why I continue learning and development, like in my work on TV production, I tried to be an extra, an actress, dancer, production assistant, assistant director, researcher, and associate producer. Now, I work as contestant coordinator, casting producer and with my friends, we're also building our own social events planning and styling group.

I represent the plus size women that having fun experiencing the beauty of life, exploring the world and exploiting her capabilities, the plus size women that evolve. If music industry has Lady Gaga, movie industry has Helena Bonham Carter, Erzullie has to have Meryl Margaux Bunyi, a perky dauntless chameleon.”


Thoughts, Erzulliesta?


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