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Monday, October 27, 2014


Today, we move in. What can I say about this?

It’s like just this January 2014, we moved in to our first showroom in Villa Sole, Manggahan, Pasig City and now 2 months shy of the end of the year, because of you, Erzulliestas, we are able to move to a bigger and fierce showroom in Eastwood City.

More parking space options (Thank the Universe).

More accessible (Thank the Universe).

More spacious and glamorous (Thank the Universe).

So, what’s the plan?

We are currently organizing and implementing 4 events, celebrating the 4th year anniversary and in the process, making sure that the new Erzullie showroom is prepared for all of it.

Within these 3 major things, little things need to be done. Focusing on the showroom, we need to clear, bless, place, design and open the place. I am particularly very excited and terrified about this move because well, it’s change and I am currently working on being more adaptable.

Right now my heart and mind are both racing. “Do this! Do that! Remember this! Ooooh, add that!” Goodness, I just wanted to yell inside of me, “Shut up! One at a time.”

So many plans and tasks written up in my head or in my list, I feel overwhelmed. But I guess, I need to overcome all of that. To hell with worry and fear of failure, I need to ride, woman --- that’s the plan.


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