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Thursday, December 4, 2014


Whew! We just finished Erzullie’s Anniversary month and would like to thank all of the Erzulliestas that made it possible. It was a very successful month full of events and we just can’t get enough of it.

Now, I just realized this morning that --- OMG it’s December! It seems like January was just yesterday, or something. I know it may sound like I am exaggerating things but, I am just here wondering --- where did time go?

Most importantly, did I use it well?

I know that this year was a little rough as we start to perfect our production and correct our fashion clock. We finally did, with the Corporate 2015 collection exclusively released last November. We are currently doing the Resort 2015. We are re-doing it as I, personally, did not find it excellent enough for the Erzulliestas. Here is to hoping that the second collection would be better.

As we are about to face 2015, I am bracing myself as we are going for the next step for Erzullie as a business. It’s now time for the marketing department to have a makeover. Hopefully, we do things right for Erzullie’s 5th year in operation. (I know I have just celebrated the 4th year this year, but hey, I like thinking about the future.)

Anyway, that’s basically it. It’s been a while since I have popped my head here and share some thoughts. Hope you girls have an awesome day!


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