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Sunday, September 20, 2015


Many have noticed that the blog activity of Erzullie has definitely lessened. Many are also wondering why is the last collection Resort 2015 --- where is Pre-Holiday? Is there going to be Holiday? What's going on?

As previously mentioned, we got a little burned out. Not going to lie. Being in business can be a b*tch, but truth be told, we can't think of any other way to live. Right now, Berna and I are individually taking our time to explore other dimensions of ourselves as women and plus size designers. And yes, we are still best friends (best friends before business, we always say).

So, I have decided to share with you instead, our journey towards the re-boot of Erzullie. We will definitely be back on the "regular programming" and once we do, well, rest assured it is with ultra-fierce levels.

Talking about better look, better and more accessible designs. So many things really. Once I nail them down, we'll definitely share.

But for now, I am sketching for the new collection. This is just partial. If you want to see some real time, head on to our instagram account.


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