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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Well, it's December. And as the new year ends, what are the things that I would like to take from 2015 and leave with? Even more important, what's yours?


1) General Spirituality. I can't even really think of surviving without it.

2) True friends. I love how the Universe tend to sift my friends for me. Old and new as long as true, they stay with me.

3) The wisdom I gained from the almost 6 month hiatus. I have been yapping about the break I took. Haha. I know. But, as I have always said it was another form of business investment and that's me. I saw things that went wrong, what could have gone right and how I can use it to make it better.


1) Christmas light friends. 'Nuff said. You know the type that only appears when the season is merry.

2) Unnecessary self-sacrifice. When being a martyr is about boosting your ego, when it's supposed to be done for the purest of reasons --- love.

3) Fear of the new. I'm an old maid. Haha. I like things to stay the same and me being comfortable with it. But, if there is one thing permanent in life, it's change. The hiatus actually taught me some skills on making myself feel comfortable with it. Baby steps but I will get there.


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