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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This year, among the 19 people that applied for internship here in Erzullie, I have selected Ms. Audrey Arias to be part of the team. All was well until one of the 19 emailed me an angry letter (maybe it was passionate? I'm not sure) asking me why I got a skinny intern, when I could have hired a woman who is already plus size and can relate to the struggle of being one.

GOOD QUESTION. However, it was very easy to answer. I already did (we'll just keep it between her and I) and then there is another reason why I took in Ms. Arias.

Truth is, I wanted something different this time around. I wanted a different perspective. For those who have been monitoring us lately, you may have noticed that things are a bit different in our posts. We are not as religious as we were before in updating. We have relaxed a little and to be honest, it was the best decision so far.

Ms. Arias was a fresh breath of air for me. Her perspective was different. Her styling ways are new. If it was always about the same routine as we have always done --- then why get a new intern? So far, Erzulliestas are loving it.

I AM NOT A SIZE-IST (if that is even a term). I actually never thought being skinny would matter in being a stylist for a plus size woman. However, manners, work etiquette and knowledge about style do.

So why hire a skinny intern? Because I just know that she will be a good one. Style has no size as said by my idol, Edith Dohmen.


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