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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Turns out, I’m a pretty good date.

I have decided to go to the showroom that day to get my mobile internet pod, load it up and enjoy some 7 day fast internet speed. After that, I went to 1800 Starbucks Eastwood. I was hoping to get my favorite iced vanilla latte, but the line was long.

So I decided to sit down and write on my journal. After that, the coffee line was still long, so I have decided to go to Eastwood Mall instead. There, I went to Starbucks and ordered something new, “An iced white truffle” something drink. No surprise. It was actually something new and good. Better than the holiday drinks.

Then, I went to Fullybooked and went through their collections. Nothing picked up my fancy so I bought nothing. I was supposed to buy a British Rock invasion CD right in front of the store, but decided not to. I can just youtube things --- another millennial benefit --- also, I don’t have a CD player (older generation moans).

Next, I went across to look at DVD’s. There was this DVD for the movie, “The Visit” by M. Night Shyamalan. I was hesitant due to my previous experiences with his movies (The Happening, anyone?). I let it go and went to on to book my Uber. As I waited, I googled about the movie and apparently it was awesome. Moment of silence for that regret.

I went home, loaded up my internet and started answering some Erzullie inquiries. So far, I am having an awesome night. Apparently, being alone means having time to actually do things that you like. With me, it’s dating myself.

And so, there it was --- I have found my peace. I couldn’t sleep because I forgot how to date myself. I have spent so much time giving myself towards others that I forgot how to devote some on myself.

Here’s to a more peaceful night and blissful sleeping. Which reminds me, it’s time appreciate the silence.


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