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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Being a powerful woman that you are tend to attract two things --- other empowered women or women who is inspired and wants to become you. And just like anything in this world, everything has a dark and light side. A subgroup on the second group (women who is inspired and wants to become you) there is a group called, "emotional vampires" and we all experience them in varying degrees.

There are numerous kinds of emotional vampires, but for the purposes of this list, we are going to just do 3. All of which, I have personally experienced one time and another.


WHY THEY HANG OUT WITH YOU: To be seen in all those amazing events and parties that you go to and have the experience of what you are having. You also may have use to them either in the advancement of their career or personal lives.

MODUS: Becomes extremely friendly with you, hangs out with you as much she can, then ditches you after she met "better people".

WHY YOU SHOULD AVOID: You work hard on your connections. Heck, you even earned them. You know this person is already bad news --- why transfer her to your other friends?


WHY THEY HANG OUT WITH YOU: Same with the Social Climber, but it's more of getting your connections not to necessarily advance their career/personal lives --- they just want free stuff from you and your connections.

MODUS: Hangs out with you and constantly forgets to pay her "part of the bill" because she was so partied out. Asks you to go out with her and you get stuck with the bill. Even asks to borrow some of your stuff (or your money) and you're not sure when it's coming back.

WHY YOU SHOULD AVOID: Because if you are going to give something for free, give it to someone who is not loyal to you because you can give them free stuff. Give them to women who are loyal to you when you were nothing.


WHY THEY HANG OUT WITH YOU: Because you are slightly addicted to drama as well or maybe because you just feel sad for them

MODUS: Always has something happened to her --- and you are not even sure anymore if they are real! What's even worse is that she keeps on asking for advice, but never takes it! She does the stupid thing and what are you left with? A sobbing girl that you have to take to a club because "she needs a drink"

WHY YOU SHOULD AVOID: Because you have other friends who are silently suffering and have actual problems --- they need you more than this person.


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