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Saturday, March 26, 2016


Many would think that this story is as rare as a unicorn --- but newsflash! Plus size women do get happy endings and they are EVERYWHERE. One example of which is Erzulliesta Jonah Go. This is her story on how she met her husband Hadrian Go --- and in all places, one of the most ROMANTIC places in the world --- NEW YORK.

#1 This is your first interview for Erzullie! Can you kindly tell us something about yourself?

I am Jonah Go. I am a test analyst for data warehouse in an Australian bank. I just make sure that the data is properly transformed in the data warehouse and ensure its integrity.

I am happily married to Hadrian, my husband and we love to travel together. I am also an amateur photographer and I like portrait and landscape photography.

#2 So what makes you an Erzulliesta?

I discovered Erzullie when I was shopping at Cinderella store in Glorietta, around year 2010 and that was almost 6 years ago. My favourite Erzullie piece is the pencil skirt that I bought when I first discovered Erzullie. I have been wearing it since I started working and still using it at my current work. The quality of the skirt was really good until now.

My style is very expressive. I like wearing bright or loud and unique colour of clothes and I like wearing dresses because I feel like it is the most comfortable to wear. The skirt I bought allowed me to mix and match the top and the shoes I wear especially at work.

Being able to wear the Erzullie ensembles with confidence and style and to inspire other people on the way I carry my clothes. Erzulliesta are the people who wear Erzullie piece and being able to show their strong character by wearing the clothes they bought.

#3 You mentioned that you are already married. How did you meet him?

I met my husband during my 2nd IT job. Now I am at my 3rd job/company. My husband and I met during our onshore assignment from an IT company early 2013. We were both sent to US with other officemates.

He seems very kind, thoughtful and caring. Hadrian did me a favor of taking care of the items I shipped in their apartment while I am still in Manila and travelling to US after 2 weeks. He kindly entertained my favor and he even delivered the items in our room when we arrived in the apartment. He also gave me some tips to bring in the US because it’s winter.

When we started to be together, we already started to talk about marriage.

#4 Do you think he had a problem with you being a plus size woman? Why or why not?

I didn’t have any problem being a plus size woman that time. I used to love running when we met and I used to do jogging even in winter. I also registered to a 21KM run and he is very supportive to accompany me.

I felt like people who knew I am into sports adore me rather than hate me of being fat anyway. Also, I learned that he was raised by his mom with respect to women regardless of sizes. I don’t even felt that I am fat when he was courting me.

#5 How is married life so far?

We are happily married. We fight a lot about our differences, but we didn’t let the sun go down with anger but we always choose to forgive each other.

The differences that I am talking about is how we were raised by our parents. We usually argue with what is right. Also, we felt a lot of difference because I am the eldest in the family and he is the youngest. In marriage, we have to deal with this and agree or come up with something that we should agree on.


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