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Friday, April 22, 2016


In all honesty, it took me years before I finally learned how to love myself. I know that I have been chanting this since ever in my life, but it’s one way to say it, another way to believe it and then a whole new highway to actually live it.

And now, I can honestly say that I am on that highway. I am actually living what I am saying. I actually love myself and not just in a physical, emotional or spiritual way, but even down to the deepest and scary parts of my mind. And so, I finally get to write an honest love letter to myself.

Dear Self,

I love how you made your mistakes in the past because it turns out you are right. They are the right decisions at that time.

Confusing right?

But if I think about it, you made that choice because at the point that is what you thought was right. Unfortunately, after making that choice, you got hurt, so you thought AT THAT POINT that it was the wrong thing to do. But it was because of those "wrong choices" that we were led to the hurt that helped us find other things that made us stronger as we survived.

It’s the mistakes that led us to know who our real friends are. It’s the mistakes that we learned what’s the best choice next time. It’s the mistakes that taught us that we can actually survive a tragedy on our own. It’s the mistakes that made us learn the wrong things about ourselves so that we can make it right and grow from that.

You have made the right choice by making those mistakes. I want to thank you for that.

I know that at some of those points, all that you can do is forgive yourself, but I have a whole new understanding for it. Let’s just say that next time this happens, after I forgive myself, I will also remind myself that this pain will be good to me someday.

For now, I understand that even with a wrong choice, you still made the right choice. It won’t be apparent now, but it will be in the future. You have always loved yourself, even when you thought you didn’t. And you did that by making the right choice that didn’t appear to be one at that time.

You made that choice for me.

And so, I thank you and I want to say, I love you. Don’t beat yourself up so much anymore because this time it will be different. We are one and unified now. We are stronger, better, wise and more beautiful than before. The fun part? I think we really do become more radiant with age.

I love you, all of you. I look forward to growing even older, funnier and wiser.

Love, US


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