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Saturday, May 7, 2016


Some say shopping is a sport, but nonetheless --- the prizes are things you are going to get stuck with. So if you are in a major shopping sprint, here are 3 things that are okay to buy on sale.

#1 Seasonal pieces deserve seasonal prices.

Sure. That shiny, black, faux fur outerwear will make you stand out. But if you live in a tropical country with hot, blistering summers --- you may want to re-think that.

But hey! If there’s a sliver of chance of cold, maybe that blazer has a place in your closet after all.

#2 Fashion things you want to experiment on.

A trend that you are not quite sure you can pull off? Wait for it to go on sale and try it out. At least the cost of the fashion experiment is half the price risk.

#3 Statement pieces that you can only wear once in a while.

So you fell in love with that ultra-loud neon pink with touches of sky blue highlights dress. So you fell head over “heels” literally for that lady gaga-esque stilettos. So you have realized that you just can’t live without that 2D clutch bag you have found in Instagram.

If you know you’re not going to used them daily and only use it for the “every now and then” shock value, buy it when it’s on sale. After all, there are other many cheaper ways to create drama in clothing --- like doing DIY’s on your old pieces.


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