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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I think of it this way. If it turns off your fellow female, rest assured the male will feel the same way. So let’s use our common sense and practice a bit of good old simple GMRC (good manners and right conduct). Here are 10 girls that will turn any decent guy off.

#1 The Drama Queen

Great men can handle a good kind of drama (you know really serious ones that will change the course of his woman’s life or hurt her in a way that she can’t get up anymore). But those little drama’s that even you know are so small they are unnecessary? Please, let’s give the brothers a hand and let it go.

#2 The Needy

Men like to be needed (as much as women), but if it came to a point that you constantly have to be taken care of more than an infant who just came out of the womb --- you may turn that guy off (even your girlfriends too)

#3 The Rude

There’s being a bitch (Being In Total Control of Herself --- Latriiiiiiiiiccee Royale) and then there is just plain rude. If you are just there to irritate and hurt other people for no reason (just cause), then think twice in being this kind of woman. I’m pretty sure if you were the receiving end of your own gestures, you would hate you.

#4 The Fisher

Even you hate it. Admit it. Those women who constantly fish for compliments? 5 G’s --- Good God Girl Get A Grip.

So if you yourself are irritated by a woman who constantly need her “minions/followers” for some “likes, love and compliments” what more of the real gentlemen out there?

#5 The Know-It-All

One thing to spread the knowledge, another thing to constantly correct everyone around you just to show how smart you are than other people. Again if you met someone like this in a social situation, most probably you will also be going to the opposite direction once you see them again.


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