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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


#1 Congratulations! You are part of the top 3 of the TNEI2016 batch! How do you feel?

Really excited and nervous. I was so happy I bought halo-halo to celebrate. Haha! I am grateful to be part of the final 3 models for this year’s search. Although I’m a little nervous about the last leg too of this search, I can’t complain!

Well... My heart stopped for a sec. Relief washed over me because I survived the cut. Then a little dread – about what else we have to do in the search. What if I forget another detail, ideas were buzzing in my head.

Learned about it through email. I didn’t say anything to anyone yet because I don’t know who else got in. But I was so happy to see that email, it’s my third try this year and I really want to get a real shot at it.

#2 How was the go-see for you? Why so?

I was still a little nervous, but there’s this little comfort that I understood a bit how go sees usually go so I’m a little privy to that part of the go-see. Although I wouldn’t know what Aries will come up with… What if she asked us to slay dragons, you know?

#3 Did you every think you were going to get picked? Why or why not?

I’d like to say yes, because I felt I gave it my best shot. I did my part to make it to that point. But then it’s anybody’s game at this point, and I am honored to be in the top 3 with Chezka and Em.

#4 Do you think you deserve to be part of the Top 3? Why or why not?

Of course! I believe in my capacities. I wouldn’t have applied if I didn’t think for a second that I am not qualified. You don’t come in a contest unsure of what you’re doing. You gotta come in all armed and ready for it.

#5 Now that you have gone through the plus size model go-see, what’s your thought about yourself now as a plus size model? Why so?

I think that even if I’ve been here for a while –and very much thankful for having worked this long—I still see that there’s still room to learn. That times and trends are ever changing and I think I’ve adjusted to the times. At the same time, I’ve believed in myself – how hard I’ve worked all this time to get where I am. I still see myself as a work in progress!

#6 As an Erzullie Icon what the advocacy that you want to share with others? Why so?

I want to show people that you have to believe in your own beauty. You have to believe that you are already so beautiful, just the way you are. That beauty comes in all sizes and shapes. That there is beauty in diversity. We have to feel positive about ourselves before the world perceives you that way too.

I want to share this message by example. I’ve never posted negativity in my social feeds. At least negative body sentiments. That way I am promoting positive vibes about how you look, and how you gotta flaunt your curves like it’s nobody else’s business.  Because as I have said, you have to believe in your own beauty!

#7 Messages to the Erzulliestas.

Hello Erzulliestas! Make every day count. Life is too short to waste on negativity and doubt about yourselves. Be a catalyst for the paradigm shift – challenge the norm and bias by flaunting your happy, amazing, fun, beautifully flawed selves.


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