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Sunday, July 3, 2016


Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Loren Monares, just did an interview about her “Consciously Un-Singling” just barely a month after it was released, the whole Erzulliesta tribe was rocked with the news that she now has a man. Check out the full details below on how it happened and why loving yourself is the first step to be loved for who you are.

#1 Serious need of an update. Your interview “Conscious Un-Singling” just came out and now we have heard you have found a relationship! How did this come about? 

Yah and people were saying that was fast hahaha. But to be transparent about it, I’ve already known my boyfriend months before I got interviewed. We were on the getting to know stage that time. Although around the interview time, the connection has already strengthen and we got to like each other more as we discovered more about ourselves. It got even more serious when he decided for us to meet in person and get to know each other even better.

#2 Were you attracted to him immediately? Why or why not? 

Yes I was. In fact, the reason why I entertained him was because I was initially attracted to him, especially his eyes. It’s a combination of blue and grey which can really catch your attention instantly. Physically, that was the eye catcher for me. But of course, as I got to know him better, I discovered there’s more to this handsome face. He has a lot of really good qualities which I look for in a person. Someone who is very respectful, gentleman and knows what he wants in life and takes risk to get it.

#3 What made you attracted to him? Why so? 

As mentioned, if we talk about the physical aspect, it was really his eyes that caught my attention. Apart from that, his effort is very worth noting. From the moment we got to know each other, he has really devoted a lot of his time to communicate with me. Also, I appreciate the fact that he introduced me to his work friends and family. For me that is one of the good signs that a person takes your seriously. Because family is very important for me and I saw how he values his family just as I do to my family.

#4 What do you think attracted him towards you? Why so? 

He keeps on saying that he really finds me beautiful, particularly my eyes, dimples and hair. But I think what really drew him was my confidence and how I carry myself. He would usually complement me on how I would dress up and how I would project myself as seen in my posts in Instagram. In fact, that’s how our story really started. He admires the level of confidence and positive energy that I relay to others.

#5 Do you think that being plus size helped you in attracting him? Why or why not? 

I’m not really sure because he said his ex girlfriend was not plus size. Although what I admire about him is that he just refers plus size simply as a size. He sees me as big and that’s it. I never felt any discrimination or indifference from him because I am a plus size woman. In fact, he would often regard me as sexy than plus size. 

#6 What is the greatest challenge so far in this relationship? Why so? 

First would be the distance. Living in two different countries is really challenging. Especially for me since I’m not really for long distance relationship. He understands this and feels the same way. We are in the stage of trying to figure out how to address this. Second is the language barrier, but thanks to google translate and of course, his tremendous effort of doing English self study and English tutorial classes to be able to learn.

#7 Do you think that the reason he got attracted to you is how you packaged yourself style wise? Why or why not?  

Yes I believe so. How you carry yourself is a big factor of how you attract people, or men in particular.  I remember in one of my interviews I mentioned that for others to love you, you should first love yourself. And that’s just how it is. As you learn to really love yourself, you become confident about how you look or how you dress up, and it will just naturally show to others.

#8 What do you like about him the most? Why so? 

I can mention a few good qualities about him which I really like. Him being very respectful, gentleman, family oriented and conservative to some extent. But so far, what I really observed and admire the most is his patience. He is by far the most patient person I have known. For example, given the language barrier, you can be pissed off when you are in an environment wherein you can’t understand the conversation. But for him, he has been really patient in trying to absorb things little by little until he understands it. There are actually more examples but let’s have that for now.

#9 Briefly describe your new boyfriend. Why those particular characteristics? 

My boyfriend is a happy person and has a positive mindset in life. He has a strong bond with this family and also a very sociable person. He loves to cook but not so much with eating, unless it’s Turkish dish. Hehe He is a fan of classic stuffs, from music, movies, and cars. He is conservative, prefers chilling over coffee or movie than going to bars. As a boyfriend, he is a very loving and sweet person. He never fails to make me feel like the most important girl in his life. Last but not the least; he is by far the most patient person I’ve known.

#10 Do you see any flaws in this relationship? What are those? 

For me it’s too early to say. We are still at the stage of our relationship wherein we need to get to know more and slowly build our foundation. Yes there are a couple of differences already that we have discovered. And it’s actually good that you get to know your differences so you know how to compromise or still work it out. For me, that’s what’s important than just seeing all the positive side of the person.

#11 How do you deal with the flaws of the relationship? Why so? 

I think it’s key that both of you understands that no one is perfect and so does any relationship. As you continue to grow as individuals and partners, there will be flaws that you will discover. What’s important is both have open mind and willingness to accept each other’s difference. Weakness of one can be complemented by strength of the other. This I believe is one factor that can prosper your relationship.

#12 Will this affect your modeling career? Why or why not? 

As of now, I don’t see this as something that will change my modelling career or commitments. I will definitely take my responsibilities as an Erzullie Icon as well as still work on other modelling projects when there are opportunities. I’m happy that we both are in same industry so he fully understands the nature and responsibilities. In fact, he is supportive with my endeavours as well as I am with his.

From that start, he knows I love modelling. He knows that this is my passion and knows my advocacy. And with that, he is supportive with my projects. In fact, he has joined me in some of my Erzullie engagements which I really appreciate. Having to stay for 3-4 hrs and just wait until I finish is something I really admire about him.

#13 Did you have any expectations that you will have this kind of relationship? Why or why not?

To be honest, this was definitely unexpected. It just started like a very casual hi/hello and other form of admiration comments on IG which turned out to be a serious one eventually. Yes I saw that happened to others, but never really expected it to happen to me. For one, I’m not a fan of long distance nor I believe that you can really get to know the person deeper if you haven’t seen him yet. That’s why his move to really come visit me was something special.

#14 Do you think you deserve your partner? Why or why not? 

I believe so. I have waited for long to find the right match. I have been patient enough to choose someone who can really get along with me well and complements my qualities, personalities and plans for life. I know I am not perfect and I do have a lot of weaknesses, but when it comes to relationships, I take it really seriously and make sure to work it out despite our differences.

#15 Do you think that your partner is equal to you? Why or why not? 

We have our own strengths and weaknesses. Whether we are equal or not, that I do not really know. What’s important is that we complement each other. He has some strength which is my weakness and vice versa. For me, it works that way because you balance each other. At the end of the day, what’s important is that you both are working together towards building your relationship and making it grow.

#16 Future plans for the relationship? Why so?

I’m praying he is the one. We are not getting any younger and what we are looking forward is really a future together. That’s why this stage of our relationship is very important because as we are getting to know each other deeper each day, we are able to see our difference and see how to work it out. Of course there will be a lot of challenges along the way. But I believe nothing is impossible so long as you believe in it.

#17 Will this relationship change the way you are as a person? Why or why not? 

Major changes, definitely not. I believe that you shouldn’t change yourself for somebody else. Besides, it’s simply the Loren that I am that made him love me. There are minor changes though which I can adjust. But it’s more of my activities rather than me as a person.


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