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Friday, July 22, 2016


You are your own best patron, lover and sugar mommy! So why not spoil yourself a little every now and then? Check out 15 ways to do so.


#6 Moisturize

Take out that expensive designer lotion because this is the time! After a nice hot shower, get on the bed and lather it on. Think of it as your body eating the moisturizing food it deserves.

#7 Light up an incense or use aromatherapy

Can be part of your no-plan or all-day bed day (days). Light up your favorite incense and breathe in the soothing smell. Not a fan of smoke? Aromatherapy oils are great too. Just make sure to always be careful handling the flames. Remember! You should be the only hot thing in spoiling yourself silly.

#8 Body hair care

We are talking about epilation, shaving, depiliatory or anything that is fine with you. Sure, removing body hair has some tingling to down painful moments, but the reason that this is luxurious is because of the preparation and the after math of it all.

If you plan to do this at home, lay out your tools. Light up some candles. Take a shower and do your thing. Do it slowly and lovingly. Concentrate as if it was your lover doing it for you. Hot isn’t it?

#9 Prepare your bedroom for some major lounging

Planning to just lounge all day in your high priced lingerie? Nothing shifts the mind than creating the right ambiance for your self-spoiling day. So prepare your bedroom. Clean it up a bit. Place all the things that you want eat, read, drink etc. at a hand’s reach and enjoy.

#10 Deep condition your hair

Another great addition to your spoil yourself day. Before you bathe, carefully pour Olive oil unto your head and massage the scalp down to the tips of your hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and jump in the shower. Make sure to shampoo the oil off. If it’s not bubbling, it needs more washing.

What you end up with a relaxed head and well moisturized hair.


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