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Saturday, August 27, 2016


You know that moment wherein you want to do something with your life but it doesn’t involve going out? Here’s an Erzulliesta’s guide to the ULTIMATE girl’s night in.

#1 Skype party

Can’t stress this enough. I have done this with a lot of my girls. We all get together in a skype group video call and just chat just about anything in the comforts of our own homes. We can even get drunk and be safe already because hey! NO driving.

#2 Read a book that is “taboo” to you

We are already grown women. Time to make some nice decisions. Try and read a book/website/page that you know you are curious about but is scared because people may find it odd for you to do. It’s going to be your little secret anyway. Everybody has them. So chill out. Go get it and read it in bed.

#3 Time to watch that movie you don’t want to admit you wanted to watch

Whatever your reason is for not wanting people to know you have watched “that kind” of film, this is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy it privately. Use your alone time to get that DVD out (or downloaded, whichever) and time to enjoy.

#4 Mix your cocktail (mocktail) or any drink you want

Be your own bartender and make your own drink. Enjoy it in your bed while watching your favorite show. Make some nibbles too while you are at it!

#5 Lingerie party for ONE please

You bought those for a reason. Whatever reason it is (sexy or not), time to whip it out, put it on and enjoy the comfort of sleeping in it.

Wear heels. Put on pearls. Feel as classy as you want to be. Then wear it while cooking your favorite meal, watching that series you love or even while reading a book that you have been longing to finish.

#6 Try a new chat app

There’s loads out there. Just pick one and be careful. Try to get social and chat random people. Don’t expect anything. You may be surprised on where this will take you.


#7 Try a new online game

It’s just for one night anyway. Try out a new game craze of the ones who are fresh. Maybe you will start a trend later on?

#8 Plan your next vacation

Even if it’s just wishful thinking. Look at destinations. Check hotels. See ticket prices. Pile it all up in a folder or make a scrapbook about it. You’ll never know! You may get lucky to actually go there.

#9 Dance party for one

Like to dance but hate the drunk crowd of the club? Embrace the opportunity! Get your dance on and make it work in your bedroom. Be free and move freely! It’s fun exercise anyway.

#10 Watch How-To videos in the internet

Nail art. Hair tutorial. Make-up lessons. Anything you have always wanted to know. Check out the YouTube academy to learn new things!