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Friday, August 5, 2016


So you just discovered the body revolution. Welcome! It has been going on for quite a while but we are glad that new recruits are always coming in.

You might be reading this article because you want to know how to finally start looking in the mirror and be happy on what you got there. But you were raised in an environment that says the exact same opposite, so there’s a lot of fear and shame still.

Be at peace. Many women all started the same way. You are not alone! So here are some tips for you to try. Hopefully, it will help you get one step closer to finally looking at your body straight on and say “I love it!”

#1 Shadow play

This exercise will help you appreciate your general silhouette, which is easier to digest than jumping into the whole details of your fabulous wonderland.

Make a designated night time for this. Make sure that you are not disturbed, have a place that is safe for one candle to burn its light and a wall for your shadow to cast on.

Light a candle in a safe place and stand in front of it. You can be naked at this point or just wearing lingerie --- whatever is your choice. Just make sure that your silhouette is shown.

Turn around (stay away safely from the candle). At this point, don’t look at your body, but do admire the shadow that you just casted. Admire the curves of the body and make flattering shadows while you are at it. Have fun and make sure to turn off the candle after you use it!

#2 Touchy feely

This exercise will help you re-shape your general perception about your body. This deprives your visual sense, so there is no judgment on your scars, warts or stretchmarks on whether or not they are ugly. This exercise is about making you realize what you really think and feel about all of it by relying through your sense of feeling only.

This can be done any time of the day, but we suggest at the privacy of your own home. What you need though is a blindfold.

Lay down the bed and wear comfortable clothing. Put your blind fold on and focus on your breathing first. Using your hands lightly touch your body (start anywhere you want) and slowly slide it up or down (just one direction at a time) and focus all your attention to the feeling that you get from it. You’ll be surprised, you actually like all of your parts.

#3 Watch and Praise

This exercise will help you build confidence in throwing love to your body by throwing love at other people’s bodies! Go and sit in a cafĂ© and look around. Look at all the women and say one great thing about their look privately, without comparing it to your own (the only rule!).

You can even turn it into a game. Whenever you see a beautiful woman, make a mark on your notebook. You’ll be surprised on how many there are out there!

With that in mind, when you are so comfortable in saying these things with other women, take time and throw yourself one every now and then. It’s like that Karate kid moment --- “wax on, wax off”. Since you are used to throwing compliments at people, now you know how to throw some to yourself.


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