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Friday, August 12, 2016


Because style and fun doesn’t need to end when you are in a relationship. Here are 15 style dares that “taken women” need to do. Pick one and do it!

#1 Wear something that you like (for once)

This one is for the ladies who are considerate of the thoughts of their partners in the way that they dress. Just for one night, try to wear something that you like. You’ll never know, this may send your partner back to the “first time” nostalgia.

#2 Wear something that your lover likes (for once)

If you are from the other part of the spectrum, surprise your partner by wearing something that your lover would definitely like and (ahem) enjoy. Whether it’s in hue or an actual garment, try it for once. You’ll never know --- you might actually like it.

#3 Replenish your lover’s basics

Nothing says “intimate” care than a lover knowing what size and style needs to be replenished in their closet. After all, being in a relationship is about anticipating your partner’s needs and fulfilling them whenever you can. And clothing, just so you know, is one of the basics of survival.

#4 Revamp your intimates

We are talking about your lingerie/negligee. Sometimes, we get into a relationship and all of the sassy underwear style goes out the window because you are now “so comfortable with each other”.

Well, guess what? Being comfortable and complacent are two different things! And we think you would never like the latter.

Spice up your love life with some sexy new intimates. Not only is this an investment in your style, but also in your intimacy.

#5 Revamp your hair

Your hair has been the same way for years now? Switch it up with a new one! Find a new signature hair do. Ask your stylist for advice.

Switching your hair definitely renews anyone’s aura. This can actually bring back the “First date” jitters in your next dinner date.



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