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Friday, September 2, 2016


Get your mind off the dirty gutter. There are other "less sexy, but still fun things" to do naked in bed. It can actually be a liberating and comforting thing to do just for yourself. So here are 15 things that you can do in bed naked that only involves fun of the GP kind. Just make sure you lock the door and have at least the rest of the day!

#1 Eat a cookie/cupcake in bed

You can even replace it with a fruit/yogurt. Anything that it easy to handle and can be eating with just the hands or just one utensil. Anything otherwise can be too much to handle. Mind the crumbs!

#2 Binge watch a reality show

Try the one that you hate the most. You may be surprised if you end up as a fan!

#3 Binge watch a trilogy

Now this involves snacks near the bedside and some privacy! You don’t want to get interrupted every now and then during the whole watch.

#4 Catch up with your favorite TV series

There’s the internet now with a lot of links for your favorite TV series to watch online. Go ahead and catch up in this glorious day!

#5 Read that pile of books that you promised yourself you will read.

You know that pile and if you are book nut just like me, this is the PERFECT time to do it.

#6 Go through those magazine subscriptions you have

They keep on coming in the mail. Your magazine straw basket is about to burst. Give it a help by finally reading each one, tearing off the things that you want to keep as a reference and move on.

#7 Sound tripping

New CD? New Band? Youtube? However you get it. Just stay in bed and get sound tripping. Add some aromatherapy while you are at it.

#8 Update your calendar and write it all down

Sounds stressful isn’t it? It’s like you are accumulating more things and reasons to ditch naked in bed day. But nope! This is actually you UNLOADING all those back thoughts that you have about the days ahead. The less things you have to remember (because you gave it to something *aherm your phone* to remind you), the more relaxed you will be about the rest of the days ahead.

#9 Journal

Have you ever had a day where in you just want to write your thoughts, but then you never really had the time to actually do that because you are too busy doing the things you do? Well, this is the perfect time to do all that. Journal naked, baby! Nothing looks more “personal” and intimate than this.

How about have a cup of tea while you are at it?

#10 Draw

Maybe you are not a word person. Maybe you are of the draw variety. Then go ahead and start doodling! Lay the art stuff all over the bed, get comfy and do it.

A bit messy. But hey! You’re an artist. AND OH! That coloring book you bought is looking at you right now. GET TO IT.

#11 Drink coffee/tea/water etc.

Alcoholic or not, nothing is more fabulous than sinking into the covers drinking your favorite hot/cold drink. Succumb to the blissfulness that is your fantasy with the indulgence of your sense of taste.

#12 Get spiritual

Connect with the universe, meditate --- do your spiritual path there and then. Nothing says privacy than your room, your bed and your own head. Get grateful too! Not everyone can have a naked day in bed. You’re lucky!

#13 Download movies that you have always wanted to watch

However you get it. Time to download some movies that you have always wanted to watch, but never had the time or resources. Alternative? Music of your band or at least the new ones that you are not sure about.

#14 Indulge in some aromatherapy

If it’s a humidifier, oil burner, air purifier, perfume, body lotion etc. indulge in some aromatherapy. Focus on your breathing and allow your muscles to react on the smells that you are getting.

#15 Online shopping (or at least monitor shopping?)

We are in the digital age. Now is a great time to go around and add things in your wishlist. Wishing is for free anyway. And you will never know! Maybe you’ll get it one day.


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