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Monday, September 5, 2016


So you got everything already --- love, money, career, friends, family and style --- how come you’re still not happy?

I find myself asking this question recently but before I get ahead of myself, I want to give you a little background of how all of this started.

8 years ago, I saw my 27 year old self to be married with kids. I have a house and I work part time, while attending to the needs of the house and my family. Yes. That was my simple dream.

Fast forward to the future, I am 30 years of age. I am not married. I don’t have kids. I work full time for Erzullie and part time as a fashion journalist and I, instead of kids, attend to the styling needs of my Erzulliestas. Yes. This is now my reality.

It’s a far cry from what I have planned 8 years ago. And to be honest, I was bummed about it. I was starting to question my life choices.

Did I actually make the right choices? If not, is it too late for me to start over?

If I look at my current life, it’s actually pretty great. I am a plus size fashion designer/writer. I take amazing plus size fashion photos. I work with amazing and creative people. I style the sassiest and fiercest curves in the Metro.

Work hour flexibility is amazing. I get paid to do what I love. It provides the essentials of survival --- even more. I organize parties. I interview Erzulliestas. I can watch movie whenever I want. I live in a safe neighborhood.

I can go on and be narcissistic about this. At the end of the day, I’m pretty sure someone out there would like to be in my place. And me? I need to start becoming wiser and enjoy the experience that someone would like to have.

This then leads me to the question --- why am I not in love with it in the first place?


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