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Saturday, October 29, 2016


Style is about self-exploration as much as self-expression. With every try of new clothing item, accessory, shoes or bag, you get to know yourself even more. Do you love it? Does it fit you? Does it work for you? And as you start to discover even more of yourself, you sometimes hit some limitations. Here are our tips on how to embrace style things you are scared about

#1 The Sleeveless

The trick is to not immediately go for the all-out nothing. You need to make the experience of wearing sleeveless enjoyable and comfortable until you get so used to it, it’s like breathing.
So, start with the length of sleeve that you are comfortable with. Then get one that is shorter than that. Then shorter, then shorter --- until whoa! No more sleeves mommy.

If you are insecure about your underarms or arms in general, here’s a though: “no one cares”. Everyone is really too busy to process what you are wearing, and if they did have time --- then omg, they need to get a life. It’s their problem. Not yours.

#2 The Above The Knee Bottom

Skirt, leggings or pants --- any kind of bottom. If you want to start embracing the “above the knee” length but don’t want to shock anyone, you have to introduce yourself to tights, leggings and long coats.

Okay, so some people are chanting that leggings are not pants. To be honest, some leggings are thick enough to be pants. However, they were initially made to be an “undergarment” for really short bottoms. Anyway, pick one that you can easily wear underneath for your skirt. For something more formal, then tights are the go-to piece.  For pants? Go for long outerwear to at least give you that “coverage” feel.

#3 Bright Prints/Colors

I understand why some people (any body shape) are afraid of bright prints and colors. For one thing, it may easily go out of style and sometimes it all depends on your skin tone.
But if you do want to start experimenting on bright prints/colors, choose one that compliments your favorite color. Don’t have an idea? Go check out the color wheel. Even better! Get the bright print/shade of your favorite color. It’s a good baby step to start being comfortable with it.

#4 Bodycons

A lot of curvy women are actually afraid of trying to find the perfect bodycon for them. For the most part, they will immediately think it’s unflattering. Well, here’s the solution --- shapewear and outerwear.

A woman with the perfect shapewear is the key to looking great in a bodycon dress. Curvy or skinny, you definitely need something underneath all of that to support, lift and shape your beautiful body. Once your body look firm and packed, the bodycon dress wll just drape beautifully on it.

Next step is outerwear. I prefer a chiffon cape that you can put on top of your bodycon to at least give you the “security blanket” that you may need in wearing the said dress. It gives you the feeling of “coverage”. When you get more comfortable as time passes by, then take it off and enjoy the way you look.

#5 Heels

Ah! The heels. Anyone (for me) will always look good on a shoe with a heel. But for those who are just starting out, you don’t need to immediately embrace the 6 incher. Go for the kitten heels (around 2 inches) and get familiar.

As you go higher in height, go for wedge first or at least chunky ones. It provides more support for the feet and you can stand on them longer. Once you get friendly with the idea, then go and embrace the sharp stiletto one.

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