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Saturday, October 22, 2016


Into the self-love game but don’t know how you are faring? Check out 10 top signs that you are loving yourself right now.


#6 You trust your instinct more.

Sometimes, we are afraid of our own instincts because our own brain and logic cannot explain why the decision must be “that way”. But if you find yourself trusting it even more, despite the odds, then you are definitely showing more faith in yourself.

And guess what? If you do have faith in yourself, then you know that you are loving yourself more.

#7 You are assertive of what you want in life

Toxic people are gone. Unnecessary situations are banished. Hard decisions are made. All because you know that you are worth all the “detoxification”.

If you have done this despite all of your “fear” and “danger” feels blaring out, then you definitely know that you love yourself. Because all that trouble and loss? You know that you are worth all the gain.

#8 You are motivated to improve

We are already perfect just the way we are. This is definitely true. However, improving yourself is also about self-exploration and discovery. If you are starting to embrace new experiences just to see how you would like it --- then that’s definitely a sure sign that you are loving yourself right now. I mean, think about it --- you want to know yourself more!  

#9 You feel like you can “go” anytime and not have regrets about your life

It’s a bit dark. True. However, feeling like if this was the last day on earth, you are calm enough to say that you are ready to embrace it, then you know that you are whole. And being whole means that you took all the time in the world to know the curls and corners of your spirit --- if that doesn’t mean self-love, then I don’t know what is.

#10 You feel that your life is complete right now. 

Single. Taken. Full time Job or Part-Time. Semi-Successful or not. It doesn’t matter to you. However what does is that you know that you did your best and you feel complete and happy about your life decisions.

Why is that a sign that you are loving yourself right now? For one thing, you are not beating yourself up for the small things. But above all, you know that you made this life that you are enjoying right now. And loving it and feeling complete about it is your ultimate stamp of approval (which is usually hard to give to yourself by the way).

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