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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Stuck in a rut in the creativity/inspiration department? Feeling listless? Feeling worthless? Feeling like there is no reason in the world to continue? Maybe you just need some spirit refreshment. Here are 10 powerful “cocktails” to drink in.


#6 Drink cold water (lots of it)

Feeling stressed? Relax with a nice cool glass of water. Feeling fancy? Put a squeeze of lemon juice in it and some ice. Now sit and enjoy your short cool down.

#7 Get spiritual

No matter what spiritual path your in, one sure fire way to rejuvenate the soul is to connect with it. Take some times out. Tell your boss you are going to your sacred space or something and actually go there. Sit and connect with your spiritual roots.

#8 Turn off social media for a moment

In a world of constant connection, we don’t even realize that we are always “on-call” 24/7. Isn’t that crazy? No time to stop and rejuvenate. We are constantly bombarded with ideas, messages, calls, emergencies and needs and wants of others. It’s both amazing and tiring all at the same time.
Even worse --- we think this is the norm now.

But you have to remember, you get tired too. And part of being tired is resting. One way of resting is to lessen the external stimuli you might be experiencing. And the way to do just that is to disconnect from the online world and say, “wow --- is that a bird?” lol

#9 Draw/Color

No wonder adult coloring books are a thing now. It’s actually pretty rejuvenating for the spirit and when you see the photo that you have accomplished, you may actually see how creative you can get after all. It just needed a proper break and outlet for you to actualize it.

#10 Fierce up

I can’t stress this enough. When you are feeling down and uninspired, one way of changing your mood is to change your clothes. So get out your favorite Erzullie outfit and fierce up. You will be surprised on where this new energy will take you.

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