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Sunday, October 16, 2016


“I can’t wear that. My (insert body part here) is ugly.”

I have to admit, there are times when I am dressing up a client that comes up. Don’t get me wrong, even Erzulliestas have those days. I think all women do. And you know what I usually think after they say that?

“It’s ugly?”

Being me, I sometimes do blurt that out, but then I follow it up with this --- “You do know that other women have that kind of body part. Do you think they are ugly?”

Clients usually get startled and start to think of a small back track. Of course, they don’t think it that way. We actually all think that other women are always beautiful just the way they are, but how come when it comes to ourselves we think that we are the ugliest thing we have ever seen? Specially --- that body part?

The only reason that I can think of is that we are constantly bombarded by the suggestions of how it should be. And when we see that our body is not like that, then we start seeing the things that were never there.

Sad but true.

But I do propose a solution. We can’t really help being bombarded by all of these suggestions. It’s everywhere. However, just like the boat that you are, as long as you don’t allow the “water” (suggestions) to sink in, you are going to stay afloat.

So for short, it’s about being conscious of your thoughts. Spot yourself when you are about to think negatively about yourself. When you do, say, “Thank you thought, but now you have to go back to the sea of other thoughts. You can’t sink my boat today.”

Some will say that this is oversimplification. For me? It’s called a small step, and doing that small step numerous times will constitute to a journey. And hopefully, to a bigger solution to fully end it.
And just to aid it even more? Just remember. Other women may have it smaller or bigger than you. When you criticize it for being too big or small, just remember that you have just unknowingly insulted the rest of womanity. And definitely, as a woman who loves our part of the specie, you don’t want that.

Spread the body love. Starting with your own.

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