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Thursday, October 27, 2016


Erzulliestas already have a triple PHD degree on this one. I can even imagine that some are just born loving their curves from the get to. But for those who are wondering or even just starting, here are my thoughts on HOW TO LOVE THE CURVES YOU’RE IN.

But before we go straight to that, let’s know first what does it mean to love the curves you’re in. I don’t know if you ladies have read this article “how to love the life you’re in”, but I am just going to pluck a wisdom from there and place it in this one. Modified, of course.

We are talking about waking up early in the morning and you feel GREAT about your body. In fact, you are loving it so much that no matter what shape or size you are in, you are so happy to just even have it. Thinner, fatter, smoother, rougher, wrinkly, lighter, darker --- however it’s customized that day --- you will always look at your body and say, “Damn. That’s one great body. I’m going to rock this today”.

With that aside, how do we get to that?

For me it starts with the acceptance of this fact: “all bodies are different and the magnanimity of beauty is so vast, it encompasses all of us as part its definition.”

It’s a fact, ladies. No amount of denial can actually make it go away. It’s as real as the Universe we live in and the laws that govern it. Beauty is all around us and we can’t escape the fact that we are and will always be part of it.

So it’s time to embrace that fact. We are beautiful because we are here. And truth of the matter is, we are all the definitions of beauty.

I want you to remember that this is your body. It was given to you. And why? Because you are mean to do great things with it. One of which is the juiciest part the second way to love the curves you’re in: enjoy it.

And how do you enjoy it? You use it.

Dance with it. Make babies with it. Kiss it. Run with it. Exercise with it. Do yoga with it. Make love with it. Cry, create, lift, jump, walk, see etc.

Use this mighty instrument with you and run with it. Experience the benefits each body part gives you.

Let your hands create, write, touch, feel, massage, point, do weird finger signs. Let your feet take you anywhere you please, kick, stretch, swim and put shoes on them. Let your tummy get filled with food and adorned with amazing belts. It can even do amazing core exercises!

Let your ears hear or even appreciate silence and get adorned with earrings. Adorn your boobs (BIG OR SMALL) with the sexiest bras and comfortable tops. Sway your hips as you walk and exude subtle seduction. The point is --- USE YOUR BODY and reap the benefits of every action. Learn to experience your body by using it for what’s its for --- to live.

And just like any tool, your body needs care, which is the third way to love the curves you’re in.
Eat the best food. Spoil yourself a little when you can. Exercise and relax often. Moisturize your skin. Adapt a beauty regimen. Make appointments for an annual check-up. Start looking at caring for your health as well. After all, the healthier you are, the longer your body will run. And the longer your body will run, the more time you get to enjoy it.

And the more you enjoy it, the more loving you will be towards your body because you see how amazing it is. And the more you see how amazing it is, you are going to want to keep on rocking it and finally always see it for what it really is --- fierce curves.

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