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Sunday, October 30, 2016


I see an Erzulliesta dancing her night away with her girlfriends. She wanted something flirty. She wanted to feel free from the stress she got from the weekday. So she picked this Erzullie see-through top and placed it over her favorite bra-but-not-so-obvious bra. Paired it with jeans and leopard heels and it was go-time.

Then there he was, spotting her in the middle of the moving crowd. He can't explain it. How such an unusual beauty have moved him in many ways unspoken. Must be the vibe of the place. Must be the flow of the way she moves, but this man, unknowingly, is being pulled close towards her. He can't help it. He just needs to know her.

Because that sense of freedom? #HELOVESIT

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