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Saturday, November 5, 2016


Sure. Being with your girlfriends is always fun. But there are just some times that you need to be alone to be just yourself without judgment and recharge your batteries. Below is our suggestions on things to do:

#1 Watch a movie --- in theaters. 

In the age of download movies, Netflix and Hulu’s, time to embrace something old school. There is something about the watching a movie in the cinema alone. Makes you feel independent and makes the experience more enjoyable. No other people to attend to… and share popcorns with.

#2 Get a manicure and pedicure

Whether it’s in your favorite salon or just you taking care of yourself, a manicure and pedicure is a basic right (and hygiene practice) of any woman.

#3 Go to a café and read a book

Have coffee, tea, smoothie or something. Just make sure that you bring your favorite book with you. Not a book person? Journal and a pen. Nothing is more freeing than a blank page of a journal where you are free to express your thoughts without anyone telling you about it. Good or bad. Write it down. Draw it. Color. Be artistically free.

#4 Find your next book date

One of your greatest dates would be a book. It takes you places, educates you and even introduce you to interesting characters you may have always wanted to meet but never had a chance too. Maybe your book date is the type that will help you gain more perspective. However you choose it, go out there and find the next one that will make you feel better about your day.

#5 Find your next Movie date

DVD or Blu-Ray --- your choice. You can even download it even! But watch a movie that you have always wanted to but are too shy to admit.

#6 Learn to cook your favorite meal

Chef or not, we all have the capacity to cook. It takes some practice, ingredients and some trial and error but it’s all about the fun and eating anyway. Get a recipe, buy the ingredients and act like you are a host of a food network show. Eat up!

#7 Shop for some lingerie

We are not talking about that trusty basic underwear that you have in your closet or that comfortable bra that cups your boobs a little slightly off. We are talking about that daring, seductive, can’t resist underwear that hugs your curves right and makes you so delectable.

Trust me. Lingerie is an investment in the love department (self or with another) overtime.

#8 Catch up on some cleaning

Digital or actual cleaning, nothing can relax a mind more than a clean place. Take time to clean your place up. And breathe in the space, room and even the new vibe of the place.

#9 Disconnect Online

It’s only one day. Chances are people will tell you anyway. So why bother having the effort of keeping yourself updated when the people around you will?

Also, it’s just 24 hours. It’s your day off. Put the “off” into action. People will miss you more for it.

#10 Do your hobby

Whatever hobby you have been putting off because “there is no time”, well this is your day off and “this is the time”. I highly suggest that you make room in your day to finally pursue that one thing that makes you feel alive. Practice your hobby right now. 10 minutes perhaps?

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