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Thursday, December 22, 2016


As this year draws to a close, I now find myself looking back on all the things that life has taught me this 2016. It has been much of a rocky ride, but definitely worth it, as right now, as of this moment that I write this --- I actually feel lovely. So here are the 12 things that I have learned this year 2016

#1 True friends will stay through thick and thin, and when things get vague, they work together to make things clearer not worse.

In times of crisis, they do say that people show their true colors. And whatever color they choose, what you really should care about is that is it complimentary to yours? Don't judge them so much if you don't prefer their hue. It's only a sign of the Universe given to you. It's time to let go and find someone new.

#2 Everything starts with an idea --- never underestimate the power of it.

It may seem crazy at first, but that tingling sensation in your intuition is still telling you that you can make this happen. And against all odds, you follow your gut and lo and behold --- you just created something unique and special. Isn't it grand?

#3 Fierce plus size fashion editorials is my thing

I am not sure if this is an actual life lesson. I have always known that I have a passion for fierce plus size fashion editorials. But this year, with the addition of a new lighting and energy from our hiatus, I was able to discover a new outlet for my creativity.

The real lesson here is the fact that you will never know that you actually are good at something... unless you try it one time. Thank you Mr. Mark Ryan Alvarez for being such a great instigator.

#4 Love knows no size

If there is something fascinating about love, it's the fact that it only knows itself and will keep on rising up in everything and in everyone because that is just what it does. And with the arrival of love stories from Erzulliestas all over --- how they met their husbands, have a career and lovely family --- it just proved even more that at the end of the day, it's about the right guy, the right time and the right kind of love.

#5 It's really still about quality over quantity

We did 3 major plus size model go sees this year and as much as I have enjoyed meeting a lot of plus size fashion models and did find 2 of my new icons in the lot, it did leave a very bad taste in my mouth.

It's not how many times we do the plus size model go see, it's the quality of the models that are in it. Some just want to have it but can't really work it or won't even exert effort at all! So I would rather focus on the models who do.

#6 Erzulliestas want love, but they'd rather have self-love more

It's going to be a bit nerdy but we did some sales-marketing cross-study on the performance of Erzullie recently and we have found out that you ladies love it more when the topic is about self-empowerment rather than finding a lover. Haha. Talking about who is running her world.

#7 Self-spoiling is a requirement

As I have opened myself to more self-love this year, self-spoiling has become a requirement for me to live. I just have to compliment myself on the mirror. Put on my fiercest Erzullie outfit and my favorite lipstick from time to time to remind me of my true nature --- fierce plus size woman.

#8 You are what you think

People at times assume that just because I own a plus size fashion line, I am always on point. Well, there are times that I just feel like wearing that old shirt and boy shorts I got in my closet and unruly hair. And guess what? I still look great in it.

But then again, there are times that I am in my "goddess" mode as we call it. What I have learned is that, it's not the label on the clothes that will matter to your style --- it's the label you give yourself. And if you start to say that you are a "dyosa" wearing only your flipflops, ripped denim shorts and pambahay tops --- then yes, yes you are, Erzulliesta.

#9 Learn to love the life you are in

Because the present is the only gift you got, you better learn how to open it and use it to your advantage. You may find that your life is actually the best it is already and the other "hard goals" you can't reach are the ones you never really wanted.

#10 Loving your body is the best drug ever

I have always loved my body as is, but recently I have realized that I actually looked better when I got fatter. I started to clean up more, became more aware of what looks good on my body and what works for the lifestyle I have.

Body care has become part of my weekly rituals and I must say I have never felt more in love with myself and recently, truth be told, when I went to a place where my past was --- I thought I was going to be told by the tita's that I am so fat (in a negative tone). They actually approached me and said, "Oh wow Aries, you looked better now that you are fat." *Whew! Sass from me averted.

#11 Achievements are relative and you should only aim for the ones that you actually like --- not what people expect from you.

Enough said, I think. But for those who are yearning for some form of elaboration, its simple --- you are on the right path. Stop looking at your batchmates and start to recognize that it's not a race, but a journey of amazing, transcendent experience.

#12 You can never really deny who you really are. 

This year. We tried to change directions a bit, exploring a topic that we thought Erzulliestas would like to talk about. And try as I may, I have realized after seeing all the articles that I have written this year, it was really more of self-love than finding it. Seems like I can't really escape myself after all. I love myself. I love women who love themselves and I am going to continue writing about it until my very last letter.

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