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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


While everyone is running around finding the perfect gift for others, Erzulliestas know the value of finding the perfect gift for herself. You worked hard all year round and this Holiday is the perfect time for you to give something to yourself too. Here are our 5 awesome gifts you can give yourself this season!

#1 That trip you have always wanted to take

If you can buy someone a cellphone, we are pretty sure you can buy yourself plane tickets and hotel reservations to your favorite spot in the world. Go ahead and book it today!

#2 That Spa treatment that you have always put off

As everyone is stressing this season, maybe it’s time for you to book yours in advance. Enjoy a whole day of pampering that you oh-so-deserve! Go do it and book one for yourself. Can’t go this month or the next? How about a GC for yourself to use in the future?

#3 That jewelry you have always wanted to buy

I remembered that article that then editor of Mega Magazine, Sari Yap, wrote. She said that in the past, she bought her first jewelry (a ring) and knew that she felt that it was the start of her own independence.

So if you are that kind of woman, wanting to commemorate something monumental in your life --- stable career, promotion, getting married etc. --- why not have a piece of jewelry to make that as the symbol of that memory? Classic isn’t it?

#4 That countour kit you have always wanted to master

Beauty is always an amazing gift to give to yourself. So why not that contour kit you have always wanted to try and master? Add some mad make-up skills to your already impressive independent woman portfolio.

#5 That new wardrobe you have promised yourself

And although we love to depend on the classics, we cannot deny that some replenishment is in order. If you can buy your girlfriend a new dress because it’s killing you inside to see her wear the same one with holes every day, you can buy that killer dress that makes you feel like a goddess each and every time.

Go and do it!

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