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Friday, December 30, 2016


It's the day before the last day of 2016 and we are very happy to know we survived with fierce curves. Things have changed. Things got better and worse. And as our tradition here in Erzullie, we like to make a list of the things we are taking and leaving here in 2016.

Thing we would like to take:

#1 The friends that stayed with us through the hardships.

Where would we be without the friends that was with us all? From our triumphs down to our lowest points, these friends just deserve the place they have in our lives. May we survive another year together and thrive even better!

#2 The Erzulliestas that embraced our new direction.

We just want to say that we didn't expect that you ladies would love all that we do. We are just happy that we have found other fierce plus size women out there. May we multiply in number even more and awaken and strengthen each other as we grow our empire.

And with the change of direction to demi-couture, we are just happy that you ladies were extremely devouring our pieces. As we have expected, it's always quality over quantity with you goddesses and we can only love you more for that.

#3 The lessons that we learned the hard way.

As much as we would like to always think that life is a plain filled with roses and sweet smelling poppies, Erzulliestas are deep inside always prepared to thrive in the worst situations. And at times when our values are tested and our beliefs are being debunked, we are always left to wonder --- do we fight for it or we let this situation mold us anew?

And with that decision, some beliefs are molded, while some values are protected. The way it was taught to us was hard but I wouldn't have it any other way. Personally, I feel like a fresh new woman right now and my life seems to be better than it has a year ago.

Things that we want to leave:

#1 Toxic People

May it be the type of person that always has drama in their lives (and somehow you are involved) down to the person who says one thing but does another. We are leaving all those kinds of toxic people behind.

As hard as it may sound, we can't really save anyone. Try as we encourage, protect and love them, if they really want to go, they will have to go. Let's just respect their decisions and move on with our own lives. Let's wish them well too! They are still great people, just not for our lives anymore.

#2 The things that we have loved but lost

We win some. We lose some. It's okay to embrace them both. But as an Erzulliesta with a lot of things going on, I would really like it if I lighten my load and let go of the painful things I went through just to keep something that the Universe obviously had other plans for. So I am leaving the things that I loved but lost.

I will just look at it as the Universe preparing a room for the new things for me to love that would actually stay with me for the rest of my life.

#3 My old insane ways

They say that true insanity is doing one thing repeatedly expecting a different result every time. Being in the business of fashion, and also being stubborn, at times, I have been doing some formulas that I was so comfortable in, I keep on doing it only to know in the end that it's not working. But then I do it again. Hoping that it will work this time.

But I need to discipline myself a bit on this. I should really learn to let go of those ways that didn't work and embrace the ones that did. May it be in business, fashion and love.

How about you, Erzulliestas? What are you taking and leaving?

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