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Saturday, February 27, 2016


For all the plus size models dutifully updating themselves about #TNEI2016, here is an important announcement!

We have mentioned before that we will be having 4 BATCHES for this year's TNEI. However, we have decided to merge the LAST 2 BATCHES (3 AND 4) into one big plus size model go see. This way, there will be more time to prepare proper portfolios --- no selfies please or facebook OOTD's, have respect to other models who exerted efforts in making theirs.

From this, we will be opening the #TNEI2016 BATCH 3 applications (LAST BATCH) by March 2016. Stay tuned on the announcement for that. The NEW cut off of applications will be on APRIL 23, 2016. The last plus size model go see will be on APRIL 30, 2016.

Please take note of this announcement. No further questions will be answered beyond this post.


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