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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


It’s women’s month and what better way to remind ourselves of our own strength and power than by reminding others of theirs. Check out 3 ways to empower your fellow plus size sister!

#1 Give her a random compliment

Compliments are free and always warranted. Your fellow plus size sister don’t need to be feeling down before you give her some. Throw a random one today and see her flash that beautiful smile!

#2 Celebrate her success

Big or small, celebrate her success! Congratulate her via social media or even better --- personally! Not only will you feel great in the inside knowing that you have such a wonderful friend, but you also just boosted someone’s confidence.

#3 Live by example: accept compliments!

I would like to think that the norm of “putting yourself down when being given a compliment” is about to be over. Learn to accept a compliment. Say thank you when you are giving one and your fellow plus size sister would even be inspired to follow suit.
How does this empower a plus size sister? By living as an example that we do deserve the compliments given to us. Someone said you are beautiful --- yes you are! Someone said you are smart --- yes you are! Someone said you look great in that dress --- yes you are!

By learning to accept compliments graciously, you also subtly teach other women around you to do the same thing.
Accepting a compliment is not a bad thing. If not, it’s the most polite thing to do! The person gave the compliment for a reason. Don’t discredit them just cause!

What’s your way?


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