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Friday, July 15, 2016


You are your own best patron, lover and sugar mommy! So why not spoil yourself a little every now and then? Check out 15 ways to do so.

#1 Call-in sick for work and play hookie

Nothing like a major break in the week/month/year! I know Erzulliestas are all about the “work, work, work, work, work” (admit it. You sang it in Rihanna’s tone.) but if you want to come back even more fierce in the office, “rest, rest, rest” is a thing that you need. Go ahead, call-in sick for work and play hookie. It’s just one day!

#2 Designate a spontaneous “no-plan” day

Probably the most ironic thing to say. But it’s true! If you want to feel a nice thrill of the adventure, designate one day a “no-plan” day. Sleep, wake up and see where the day takes you! Ended up just a day in bed? Fabulous!

#3 Have an all-day bed day

Number 2 just gave us a fabulous idea. How about plan a nice just all-day bed day? You know you miss your bed and guess what? Your bed miss you too! Grab some DVD’s, books, your favorite drink and healthy snacks by the bedside and get this going.

#4 Learn/Give yourself a DIY luxurious Mani-Pedi

Sure you can go to a salon and get these done. But nothing is more loving and caring than doing this for yourself from time to time. Not only is it “cheaper”, but it also increases your skill set and a sense of pride that you just made your hand and nails the darlings that they are. Head on to the internet for some tips and tricks.

#5 Make/Buy and use a nice decadent Body Scrub

Whether you make or buy your body scrub, a nice soothing massage of it in the bathroom not only will exfoliate your skin, but give it the nice rub it deserves. Relaxing!


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