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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Hold your fierce curves, ladies. The details are not yet out, BUT Erzullie’s Plus Size Model Open Shoot did open up this question --- yet again. So I just want to clarify a few things.

A lot of things has been said about The Next Erzullie Icon (TNEI). Some say that it’s tough. Requirements are strict and if you don’t follow it down to a tee you are not allowed inside until you correct it within a specific time frame given. You have to be early or on time or else they will send you back home. One particular judge is a b*tch. It’s a higly professional environment. It’s one of the hardest plus size model go-sees around. And so on.

I can actually verify that they are all true. The Babe In Total Control of Herself (B*TCH) is me by the way. And the rest of it happened because I have to be fair with the rest of the models who did comply and I value everyone’s time. I start on time and end on time and if I can do it earlier, THE BETTER.

With that settled, I have often been asked --- HOW TO SURVIVE #TNEI? Here are just a few things that I would really like to see from my models.


If we cannot communicate the first time, then why would I think we will be able to communicate the second time?


If you want me to treat you PROFESSIONALLY, present yourself PROFESSIONALLY. Stop presenting me selfies and photos for your SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS. Those photos are for your friends and family. You are presenting your photos to someone you will be working for.

Furthermore, during the go-see itself you will also be in the presence of other models who took time, money and effort to build theirs. Respect inspires respect. So show that by putting your own fair share of time, money and effort. Get your hair and make-up done properly and have someone take a photo with a CONCEPT in mind. Show me your range. Show me your image.

PLACE IT IN CLEARBOOK along with a model set-card. As for what is a model set-card, google is a great friend.


I can’t stress this enough. There are actually some models who try to register for TNEI not knowing what ERZULLIE is, who the designers are and the models and team behind it. It’s like applying for a job and you don’t know what company you are intending to work for.


There is an absolute NO DIVA ATTITUDE rule in the house. If you cannot respect the Goddesses around you, no Goddesses around you will want you to be here in the first place. You are equal and unique inside this circle. ACT like it.

For now, that’s all. I just hope that this clears a few things up and hopefully, when I announce TNEI this year, the outcome is better.


Erzullie is an invite-only fierce plus size fashion designer brand from the Philippines dedicated to serving the style of the empowered Erzulliesta. Get invited: