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Sunday, April 30, 2017


Honestly, I know you ladies got your EQ (Erzulliesta Quotient) down. You know how to interact. You know when to bend and when to put your foot down. But if recently you find yourself not getting much from your friends --- maybe there is a need of a touch up? Nothing wrong with knowing when you are wrong right? Check out if maybe THIS TIME you are the toxic friend:

#1 Have you been talking ONLY ABOUT YOU lately?

When was the last time you asked your friends about their day? When was the last time you have made it all about them?

Time to ask these questions and ask for a date where you can make it all about them. They are your friends not your full-time and paid therapist.

#2 Have you been only saying negative things about yourself, other people or basically EVERYTHING?

Face it. Everyone has drama in their lives. It’s a healthy thing to vent every now and then but if that becomes a habit, maybe it’s time for you to look into the blooming flower weed on the crack of that sidewalk you just passed by.

For short, if you always expect your friends to find the “ray of light” that you have always wanted to see, then time for you to get that on your own babe.

 #3 Have you been too critical about your friend’s choices and adamant that they change it to YOUR PREFERENCE?

It’s time for you to learn. Just because things didn’t go your way or people did not do what you expect them to do ABOUT THEIR LIVES, doesn’t mean that they are WRONG.

Wake up, snowflake. As much as everything IS ABOUT YOU (of course, my Erzulliesta!), you should also know that there are things that are beyond you. Know how to say things in love rather than making them feel stupid about their decisions. Even though maybe IT IS stupid, know and trust that if things fail, she is your friend --- she can bounce back on her own.

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