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Saturday, April 15, 2017


You can’t really blame yourself, Erzulliesta. You have a very magnetic personality and you attract a lot of good people. And with that in mind, there will also be some “blips” on your path. These “blips” are the toxic friends that approach you to get some strength and all of a sudden you find yourself CONSTANTLY empowering them to function. Tsk, tsk! Not really a good thing right? So how do you know if you have toxic friends? Here’s our list:

#1 You feel emotionally (and even physically drained in a bad way) after meeting them.

You just don’t know what she does to you. But she can be as positive and fun as she wants but if afterwards you feel empty and drained, then there must be something subconsciously wrong with the dynamics that you have to let this one friend go.

Socialization is supposed to revitalize you… not drain you.

#2 You feel terrified every time you interact.

Honestly though, why are you still with this person when you have to walk on eggshells every time you are with them? Sure you care for this person and this person has proven herself through some situations, but if you are constantly terrified of interacting with her --- then maybe it’s time for a friendship cleanse.

Socialization is supposed to be a safe experience… not a rollercoaster ride with no seatbelts and handles.

#3 You only hear “her” and not you.

Everyone has drama in their lives, but if the only reason she calls you up for a hang out is to vent about herself and you never get to let go yourself, then this friendship maybe too one sided.

You are hanging out so that “both of you” can. You went for interaction not a one-woman concert.
Socialization is supposed to be about a healthy exchange of experiences… not a one way thing.

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