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Friday, July 7, 2017


People look at you and they stop and stare. To them, there is something about you, my Erzulliesta. You go that something that captivates their souls and moves their minds to wonder.

"What is it that she got that makes me feel so attracted to her? I just can't get enough of her." They ask themselves.

Well, you are an Erzulliesta. You are alluring and as captivating as they are made. It must be you. It is the way you carry yourself and wear that latest Erzullie demi-couture piece you fought for last First Look event.

You are alluring my dear. Use that power wisely. Let's not abuse that and get them entangled too much in our webs now. To have #THEPOWEROFE means responsibility and you know that above all.

Keep the fierce,

Mother Fierce

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Erzullie is an invite-only fierce plus size fashion designer brand from the Philippines dedicated to serving the style of the empowered Erzulliesta. Get invited: