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Friday, July 21, 2017


Crushing the competition is one thing. Dominating the landscape of your life is another. But then again you are an Erzulliesta, these two notions are almost one and the same to you.

Your personality, skills and capabilities know no abounds. You use them to dominate the situation you are in and conquer that project as it pleases your soul. An obstacle is an opportunity. A victory is a step nearer to the big picture.

And while some may fear you for being unstoppable, you know you do this for the right reasons. You are not carelessly fearless to the point that you show your sheer power "just for the fun of it". You act with precision and every step is calculated to help you achieve the goal that you have been craving for.

And that, my dear, fiesty Erzulliesta --- is your path to dominance. Use #THEPOWEROFE.

Be sure to write back when you make it to the top,

Mother Fierce

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