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Thursday, July 20, 2017


#TNEI2017 is here and I just got inspired with all the questions being asked to us via our Facebook page with regards to Plus Size Modeling. Being in the industry for almost a decade, these are all from my experience as a client of plus size models. It's not the full and only bible. Okay? Hope it helps:


The local plus size fashion industry is growing and let me tell you, it's a tight knit community. People generally know each other or at least aware of each other's existence.

Always put into mind to respect the models, photographers, stylists, designers etc. that were already in the industry BEFORE, DURING AND EVEN AFTER YOU. Why you ask? Because if you want to continue working in this industry, know that you are only as good as the reputation that you make. If you come off as arrogant and ignorant, then you know that LEGITIMATE work will dry up.

Even you won't work with an arrogant person now--- right?

Furthermore, let's say you have been around for years, building your own brand and then a newbie comes in WITH ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE and starts claiming your reputation as his/her own and tells you that YOU KNOW NOTHING? How would you feel?

Respect and humility will always be in style in this industry.


Modeling payments depend on the person/firm/brand you are working for. Some offer cash. Some offer in kind (clothes, coupons, photos, credits etc.). To be clear as well, we have a set terms of payment for all of our Erzullie Icons.

With regards to payment, it's all about your comfort zone. If you feel that you should get more, then by all means go get that bag. But if you feel that the offer is right and balanced, then get that bag too.

Point is a model is supposed to get paid one way or another. Just make sure that you secure that. Get things in writing (contract/terms and conditions) and read it thoroughly before signing. Google the people you are working for and be safe.

The main exceptions are --- model open shoots and workshops/class.

To put it simply, a model open shoot is like a pop-up Great Image. Sometimes, a photographer would open their doors at a specific date for any model (that fits their requirement) to be photographed. This is done by models to upgrade their portfolios or even to expand it. You are technically paying for the final/raw photos as well as hair/make-up and styling depending on the packages listed out.

A plus size model workshop is basically a small class taught by experts who did years in the industry already and actually have a vast and varying experience that you, yourself, can verify. Check the people involved in the workshop. If you can see their portfolio online and feel that they are what they say, then please give it a go. You are technically paying to be trained. You must be able to at least have a certificate or a photo out of it --- proving that you went through the workshop.

Point is --- the people holding the open shoot or workshop --- will immediately place in the post that there is a payment involved. It SHOULD NOT be posted as a "job offer/opportunity/vacancy" post. And you should also STILL get something out of it.


Sometimes you feel that you have achieved so much already. But if you want to stay in this industry, you have to continuously evolve and grow. So always learn and do new things to get your modeling inspiration on all the time.

Learn from the people around you and always share with others. It is with the shared knowledge and openness can we make each other better.


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