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Saturday, August 12, 2017


Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Carol Perla, has always been the epitome of the Modern Mom. Even with 2 kids, a high profile career both in the tech and fashion industry and a list of faithful make-up clients, she still finds time to take care of herself in FIERCE ERZULLIESTA style. True with #THEPOWEROFE, this woman is absolutely an enigma! Here are her thoughts on fat and fitness.

#1 Congratulations! You have been renewed to be an Erzullie Icon. How does it feel?

It is such and honor for me to be given this opportunity. I've been both a fan and a staunch supporter of Erzullie and how it encourages women to embrace their flawsome selves!

I didn't think I'd be cut unless I suddenly go MIA on them! Haha! I am truly grateful to these goddesses of Erzullie for the unwavering trust they have for me. They truly believed in what I can bring to the table every single shoot.

#2 You are also currently the face of the Resort 2017 collection. How did this come about?

I went through the same thing as with the rest of the Icons. We had our fittings, and I am sure Aries and Berna debated a whole lot who to get for this collection. What a process for them, you know? Everyone's got something to contribute to the success of the collection.

When I got selected, I was doing a real crazy dance in my head haha! I was so honored and excited to represent the collection. The colors and "happy" vibe the fabrics and designs project is so me, it reminded me so much of just being out and having fun!

It is one of my fave collections to date. I love the designs, the colors and how versatile the clothes are. For me this is the best collection yet! I might be a little biased here but so what? It is an absolute favorite of mine.

I was really looking forward to representing the newest collection. I was really excited to show Aries and Berna what I can do to make this project a success. So I think the best word is I was hoping hoping hoping I'd get the gig.

If it wasn’t me, I think Chezka might have been a good choice too. She's bubbly bright and endearing. She could've done something too

#3 You have recently taken up running. Why and how did you start?

I started doing running to help me cope with a few deaths the last couple of years. One of the most devastating blows last year was the passing of my grandmother. I was sad beyond belief. And the year before that I tragically lost one of my best friends to suicide. I was so sick of people dying on me. I thought I gotta do something with the pent up energy.

I started small. At first I just walked and walked and walked. Then I tried running until I could barely catch my breath. And it kinda grew on me. Now it's something I really want to keep doing for as long as I can.

#4 As a plus size model, do you think that your new found hobby contradicts that? Why or why not?

I think fat people want to try and get fit too but fear judgment. I say this because I used to be like that. However, I realized that you're gonna be judged either way. So I say do the right thing and start running!

I think fitness applies to everyone. We all should try to take care of ourselves as good as we possibly can. And I take care of myself this way. I think it shows self-love! You love yourself enough to be taking care of your body. I don't think it is a contradiction. It is an affirmation of my love for myself.

I never thought for a second that it contradicts my status as an Erzullie Icon. I even encourage fellow Erzulliestas to join runs, it is the cheapest and most accesible exercise there is around. You get out and just run!

Healthy people can be a little on the big side and sometimes they're on the skinnier side. Just because an apple is bigger than another apple doesn't mean it is less healthier right?

#5 Do you think that some people who are part of the body acceptance movement find it a bit “hypocritical” for some plus size models to exercise? Why or why not?

I am guessing some of them will think so. But I will do what I can to take care of myself. I don't like to use the body acceptance movement as an excuse to look the way I do. I want people to understand that by body acceptance, it means you love yourself no matter what you look like and taking care of the body you were blessed with the best way you can.

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