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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Erzulliestas are goddesses in their own right --- powerful, beautiful and creator of wealth. But just like any other woman, us too, have those moments where in we feel like we have lost ourselves and we feel powerless. Well, fear not, here is a little Erzulliesta exercise that will help you "summon" your self back from within.

#1 Wear your favorite color. 

Erzulliestas know themselves well and keep on discovering more of it daily. We are sure down to this point, you ladies already know your favorite color. And of course, the reason that this is your favorite is because it makes you feel good and empowered.

So why not summon your "sacred" hues and dress yourself in that color? Adorn your body with your goddess shade and feel a shift in your general aura.

#2 Center yourself.

Things are getting too crazy for your taste? Time to detach and go to your own safe corner. Close your eyes and breathe deep. Take your time. After all, whether or not you do something, that thing will remain "cray cray". So might as well center yourself and be aware that you are still you, no matter what the external forces would say.

#3 Eat or drink your favorite healthy food.

We all have mood foods. In fact, there is even such a thing as a "comfort food" for everyone. Why not take time to make this for yourself and enjoy, savor every sip and bite? And yes, of course, you can order and have someone make it for you.

#4 Remember what you stand for.

Erzulliestas know what they are about and what they stand for. When everyone is barking orders at you and telling you how to think and feel and you know that this is not coming from love , then stand your ground and tell them to shut up! Summon your inner fierce force by remembering what you stand for and make people remember it too.

You are an empowered plus size woman. I think you can handle yourself.

#5 Honor your rest time.

Let's face it. Even goddesses need some R&R. In this case, you need to honor your rest time, Erzulliesta. This way, you get to do double the tasks when you get back. Those tasks better be ready to get ticked off!

Erzullie is an invite-only fierce plus size fashion designer brand from the Philippines dedicated to serving the style of the empowered Erzulliesta. Get invited: