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Sunday, October 15, 2017


You're an Erzulliesta. Fabulous people come and go in your life. Some stay, while some just needs to be on their way. Whatever the reason it may be --- permanent or temporary --- sometimes, they have been there in our lives so much they have become part of our every day life. With that, separation gets harder.

So what do you do when someone goes away?

#1 Change your routine.

I actually got this from Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Loren Monares. You girls know that right now she is in a relationship with someone from another country. That man spent his time here for more than a year. Now that they are engaged, they have decided to prepare for the future. With that in mind, Salih just needs to go back to his country and put the plan in action.

And of course, a person being in your life for a year can definitely develop some changes in the way that you conduct your day. When I asked how she started to adjust, she said that she simply changed her routine so that she won't have to feel the emptiness, which of course, makes sense.

You won't be doing the same things anymore simply because you have changed your schedule. This will distract you from what "used" to be there.

#2 Take this as an opportunity to see how tough you are

Our life indeed got richer with that person in our lives, but you are the sole maker of your own "social fortune". True. It's hard to see someone go and leave, but if you think about it, you were able to live without that person for a while before you have met. Surely, you can do it again.

So rather than seeing this as an opportunity of loss, look at this as a way for you to see how strong you are on your own. You will be surprised. It may not be as hard as you thought it would be.

#3 Alone is different from lonely --- Embrace your freedom.

Truth be told, I have seen a lot of strong and alone Erzulliestas. Some people think that sounds sad but know that alone does not mean lonely. Alone miss you just want to be by yourself. Lonely means that you want to have someone with you.

In fact, I have met some Erzulliestas that would really rather be alone. They like to be with themselves, doing their interests, coming out every now and then if they see something worthy outside their bubble.

Alone gives a sense of comfort. Only you and your fabulous thoughts and time to actually indulge in things that you don't normally do with other people. Embrace your freedom. This is a great chance to do so.


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