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Saturday, October 21, 2017


I am the type of person that is ready to be generous to others, but very stringy when it comes to myself. My beloved friends have notified me of this behavior and I do agree with them. It’s not healthy. So let’s start to the first question --- why am I like this?

As of this moment, I knew that I needed to have my check-up, just to make sure that I am not missing or ignoring anything that my body would love me to love. However, I have been postponing it because I deemed it as “unnecessary”.

But after looking at my financial plan this month, I saw that I have already invested a lot of money on my days out with friends. In fact, it went beyond what I intended to give. And I have realized that the reason that I can spend on friends easier than on myself is because I can see the ROI of those moments.

ROI = Return Of Investment

And what is the return of investing in social gatherings?

Spending time and money with and on my girls makes me feel good. It recharges my spirit and I become inspired with their own strength as women. And goodness knows I need that right now. There are a lot of changes in my life. I really needed something to uplift me.

With that in mind, I have realized that I do not see any “returns” in investing in myself.
I feel like “I don’t do me any good”, and of course, that is rubbish. I am breathing. I am alive. I just paid my bills. I am actually actively supporting and making myself better. I do myself A LOT OF GOOD. I just refuse to see it.

And the reason that I refuse to see it is because I don’t see the necessity to acknowledge the good that I give me. I don’t see the benefit of seeing myself appreciating myself because it should be like breathing. I should just “know” that I appreciate myself. It should be a passive thing in my life. Even more so, I think it’s vain or narcissistic to do so.

But that’s the point --- truth of the matter is I want appreciating myself to be an “active” experience and it’s wrong for me to think that it’s about being vain or narcissist.

I mean, if I think about it, of course, I would like to be appreciated by people that I love. In fact, I would like to know if I am appreciated in their lives because if they don’t, then I should take this love elsewhere for the love that I offer is unique, intense and definitely life changing. It’s not something you pick off the street for free. I know this much.

So, if I do love getting appreciation from others, what more from myself?

I think I would be absolutely delighted to know that I appreciate the things that I do for myself. And one form of showing that is to actually get that check-up. I figured that if I can spend time with friends and treat them, then I can also do the same for my health because I have delivered so much good in my life.

I have brought love in my life.

I have brought friends in my life.

I have brought career in my life.

I have brought stability in my life.

I have brought creativity in my life.

I have brought spirituality, understanding, tolerance and acceptance in my life.

And so much more!

And the reason that these are in my life is because I invested in myself.

Every day, I invested through buying healthy foods which result to a healthy body which enables me to do what is necessary to keep, attract and grow different aspects of my life.

Every other day, I invested through going to my favorite café to relax and deflate, so that I can perform better next business day and make more money for my life, which allows me to do what I want and need to do in order to feel great about myself and do my life purpose.

Monthly, I invested through paying my own bills, which I use to realize my career, socialize with friends and function in general for society, which results to a higher self-esteem.

I do wonders for myself every day and I need to be aware of that. I need to make myself know that. I need to make myself FEEL that.

And that is ABSOLUTELY NOT VAIN OR NARCISSISM. Being both means it’s all about you and you alone. It disconnects you from the beauty around you and that is not what’s going on when you invest in yourself.

Making yourself feel good, helps you perform better in your daily life. And when you perform your duties at work, family or other social obligations, you help others do their own work and achieve their goals. The returns are “paying itself back and forth” not just towards one direction.

See there? Investing in yourself is good. Vanity and narcissism has nothing to do with it. Because both aspects are just about you --- self-love is about caring for yourself because you do great things to yourself and help others do the same. So go and do some investment on yourself today!


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