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Thursday, November 16, 2017


They are not the most stylish and most written pieces of plus size clothing or fashion accessory, but by all the Fashion gods' generosity, they are always there to serve you when you need them. Here are the 3 unsung style heroes that you probably have in your closet (or at least should):

#1 The Granny Panty

A serious smear campaign has been done against the granny panty. "It's big" they said. "It makes you look old" they said. But you cannot deny the fact that the reason they still exist today is because they are comfortable and even avoid some serious infections in your special area.

We thank you granny panty. You may not be the most stylish, but we turn to you when we just want to relax and feel comfortable.

#2 The Old School T-Shirt

Whether it was from your high school Physical Education class down to your current Alma Mater, the old School T-Shirt is one of your go-to things to signal that they day is over.

The comfort of the over-sized shirt is the perpetual sign to every body to "not disturb" the one wearing it. It's time for some sleep or time in the "bed zone". Plus it looks so cute on you with just undies on.

And with that we thank the old school t-shirt. You are comfortable, reliable and a socially acceptable attire to sleep in or just hang around the house in.

#3 Rubber Flip Flops

From the house to the beach, rubber flip flops take you there. They may not be the most stylish thing in your shoe roster, but you cannot deny the power of "where it takes you".

Of course there are some who wear heels by the pool (we salute the commitment and to each their own), but for the Erzulliestas that just want to chill in simple fierce style, you know you want to reach for them.

So thank you dear Rubber Flip Flops. You vary in sizes, style, price and color and we love that we can take you from our homes to the beach without worry. You can get wet and it's okay because you will dry up anyway in a few.

Erzullie is an invite-only fierce plus size fashion designer brand from the Philippines dedicated to serving the style of the empowered Erzulliesta. Get invited: