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Sunday, November 12, 2017


We know that you Erzulliestas are always up into your style game. And just when you thought you cannot grow in style even more, here are 5 fierce fashion things you should try at least once.

#1 Try a piece that you don’t prefer wearing.

We know that your confidence is all the way up, Erzulliesta, and you can definitely pull everything off. However, we do know that there are just some things that you do not prefer. Whether it is that polka dot print or that new neon highlight trend of a dress, why not try a piece of clothing that you don’t really feel like wearing?

If you are not into sleeveless, tube tops or even ultra conservative clothing, now is the time to actually get out of your comfort zone and expand your fashion horizons.

Why you ask? Well, this can actually broaden your fashion horizon. You’ll never know. Maybe it will end up better than you thought.

#2 A very bold hair color.

Some Erzulliestas are more into hair experimentation than others and of course that is definitely okay. But for those who are too attached to the way that their crown looks, this is a good style challenge to try.

Shake things up and find a trust worthy salon and hair dresser. Consult on the wildest bold hair color you can think of and do your thing.

Not only will this breathe in new life to your look, but it can also bring a new perspective about yourself.

#3 Bejeweled nails. 

It has been trending for years. Those massive claws with jewelry on them has some staying power for their fierceness, creativity and of course --- amazement! (How do they -insert action- with that?)

So why not get curious yourself and try it just this once?

If you think it’s too flamboyant. Just tone down the rest of your clothes and shoes. Keep the accessories to a minimal and you got yourself a fashion forward statement.

#4 Fashion Tourism

Every country has a specific fashion to offer. So why not save up to shop in their local malls and find amazing designers in the process? And the worst thing that can happen? You just dropped yourself of in a luxurious location full of fresh experiences.

After all, Erzulliestas are women of the world. Pretty sure you will find a new obsession after this trip.

#5 Watch a fashion movie.

Exercise your brain cells, Erzulliesta. Why not watch a documentary or a biography about fashion? Whether it is your favorite designer down to your blogger --- update yourself and get inspired with the stories of people that made the fashion industry as it is.

Alternative? Watch an extremely fashionable movie. From The Devil Wears Prada down to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, there is an absolute plethora of options for you to choose from. And once you do (Sex and the City movie is mine), feel free to slip into your sexiest and daintiest robe, pull up with some finger foods and drinks and you are great to go for the night.

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