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Thursday, November 30, 2017


One of the unique things about you as an Erzulliesta is that you have the complete balance of humility and authority when it comes to your making and having your own money.

You are not afraid to learn it, grow it and share your knowledge to other people about how you do it. To you, this is not being boastful or a know it all. It's as normal as your breath. Money is something that you just happen to make and know how to manage very well.

In a society obsessed with money but afraid to discuss it like any other tool of life, you stick out in such a way that you are comfortable with discussing, growing, learning, loving and making money.

You are not ashamed of how much you earn as long as you did it on your own. You are so comfortable with money it flows back and forth with you in waves that you can't even stop.

And you should know, Erzulliesta --- I am so proud of that. Remember, you got #THEPOWEROFE.

Mother Fierce

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