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Thursday, November 2, 2017


Erzulliestas are notorious with their careers as much as their love lives. They can choose to be single or not, depending on how they prefer it to be. People see the strength in their beauty, majesty in their power and wisdom in their wealth. It's definitely not an enigma why people are pulled towards them. But just in case these three details are not enough --- here are top 10 reasons why you should date an Erzulliesta.

#1 Erzulliestas are the type of women that want you, but don't need you.

For short, their only motive is to love and share the love that they have from within. And if you like the kind of love that is life and spirit changing, then you know that an Erzulliesta is for you. Her love is strong and can overpower almost anything.

The only catch though is that you have to earn it. Because from her side, she knows what her love can do, you just have to show her that your love can offer something as well.

#2 Erzulliestas can think and feel for themselves.

Gossip rarely affects an Erzulliesta. In fact, if she does receive gossip, she tries to verify first if it is true. She only acts when things are real and don't make up unnecessary drama to begin with.

After all, she already has challenges in other aspects of her life. She definitely does not have time to "make-up" more in a relationship that is already strong.

#3 Her girlfriends are also Erzulliestas

Powerful women attract powerful women. And with that in mind, you can be at ease knowing that she can protect yourself while you are around and her girlfriends won't be delving in sabotaging your relationship either.

They are well-balanced women with occasional slip-ups. Nonetheless, you know that she belongs in a healthy group of women who are only there to constantly remind your Erzulliesta of who she is.

#4 Erzulliestas do not mess around with people's hearts. 

So, don't be reckless with theirs. She will be clear with you what her intentions are from the start. And if you do not like those intentions, then you are always free to go.  (As much as she can too!)

#5 There is always something happening with her (in a good way).

Forever a fighter, an Erzulliesta is always determined to achieve her goals, live her life to the fullest and be unapologetic about her personal choices and preferences. To her, life is a great big adventure with ups, downs and mediocrity. The important part is that she is aware that it's happening!

She is her own woman and if you are up with that kind of exhilarating energy, then you will definitely enjoy an Erzulliesta's company. It's never boring with an empowered plus size woman around.

#6 An Erzulliesta already knows she is drop dead gorgeous.

So there is absolutely no need to constantly secure her daily and continuously about her looks and her body. But of course, if you can't stop yourself from showing your admiration --- why not? You might get plus points to her favor.

#7 An Erzulliesta is very secure about herself.

You saw a beautiful woman pass by? Most probably she saw it too. And if you haven't, she might even point it out to you. An Erzulliesta knows that there are a lot of gorgeous women just like her and even she can't help, but to stare at them in admiration.

She knows that just because you admire another woman of her beauty, does not mean that you admired her less. She knows that whether or not it's acknowledge --- she is as hot and as sexy as every other woman.

#8 An Erzulliesta understand that bodies change --- and that's good!

An Erzulliesta is always in it for the spirit and she knows that the package that it came in (your body) is a very unique wrapper. If you gained or lost weight, decided to change your body, an Erzulliesta won't mind. For her, as long as you are healthy and can handle what you are doing, then it's all good. She knows that that body is yours. You have more chances of losing an Erzulliesta because of disrespectful manners, than a changed body.

#9 An Erzulliesta knows boundaries. 

You can't really catch an Erzulliesta complaining about your time with your own set of friends. Just like you, an Erzulliesta also have other social obligations to fulfill. She will never reprimand you for having a life outside a relationship, as much as she also expects you not to do the same.

#10 An Erzulliesta is an optimist.

True to her warrior spirit, an Erzulliesta knows that it's always looking at the opportunities presented rather than crying about what was lost. And who wouldn't love to be around a person who has a great fighting spirit?

FYI, the point of view can be infectious too!

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