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Thursday, December 14, 2017


The Holidays are right around the corner and rest assured that there will be uncomfortable reunions and meetings with people that you prefer not to. I am guessing mainly because of the questions that you have about your life and style. Well, my dear Erzulliesta, Mother Fierce has your back. Here is what a fierce plus size woman would say... should she be ask these "pesky" questions or comments...

Some answers are more compassionate than others. Lol

#1 Why are you still single? 

Answer: Because I chose to. I have specific standards for a relationship and I would rather wait for the right one than to rush towards anything in fear of loneliness.

#2 Aren't you afraid of being alone and old? Who will take care of yourself when you are old and grey?

Answer 1: A woman like me can be alone and old if I wanted to. At the end of the day, with or without a partner, I am responsible for my own well-being.

And I have taken steps for all possible scenarios in my life to make sure that at the end of the day, I am protected and safe.

Answer 2: No. And if ever that happens, I can take care of myself, just like how you can take care of you.

#3 You are so fat. What happened?

Answer 1: I was focused on making my bank account fatter.

Answer 2: You happened. I saw you and all of a sudden my fat just came pouring out. I can't control it. It's like my body was trying to reach out for you.

#4 You do know that the older you get, the harder it is for you to have kids?

Answer: I also heard it affects younger generations to conceive. It's a sad reality nowadays, but thank the Universe for fertility treatments right?

#5 Aren't you afraid that no one will love you looking like that?

Answer: No. *dumbfounded stare* I like that you're concerned though. I feel so loved.

#6 Oh my gosh! Are those cellulites?

Answer: Yes. Haven't you seen one before?

#7 I think you will look better when you're thin. 

Answer 1: I think this conversation would be better without that comment.

Answer 2: I think I look gorgeous.

Answer 3: Well I also have an advice how to make you better, but it will cost you a consultation fee.

#8 When are you going to have a lover?

Answer 1: When I choose to.

Answer 2: Definitely when you're not around.

#9 Don't you want to have a family of your own?

Answer: Isn't this a family reunion?

#10 Your beauty will not be there forever, you know. 

Answer 1: I agree. Yours left a long time ago.

Answer 2: Is that from experience?

Answer 3: Did you just say I'm beautiful? Tell me more!


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