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Saturday, June 3, 2017


Channel your inner dark seductress in the office with Erzullie's Corporate 2017 collection. Designed by Erzullie designer, Aries De Guzman, the collection is composed of convertible tops, skirts and outerwear --- all ready to serve the Erzulliesta.

This time around, with the advice of Erzullie designer, Berna Cuevas, the soft mesh and semi-neoprene fabric was used to create the perfect silhouette and visual texture. With bright highlights of blue and the allure of the classic black hue, you can't go wrong with bringing fresh and fierce curves in the office without the human resources knocking at your cubicle.

This is also the debut collection of Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Chezka Santos. Styling is by former Erzullie intern, Audrey Arias and make-up by the great Erzulliesta Zaza Rodriguez, this is probably one of the sexiest and "dark" collection the brand has created so far.

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