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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


It’s a new year, my dear Erzulliesta! And before we go down and scramble to get our coins and fierce curves on, I was wondering of what are the small things that we need to do in order to make this year fiercer than before. Life in general, of course.


#1 Set goals that are believable to you.

I don’t mind hearing Erzulliestas that they are going to get that bag and earn a million of whatever currency they choose. I know they are going to get it. Why? Because they said so, that’s why.

And what is one thing that I do know about this empowered woman? She will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Make it or break it. As long as she wants it, it does not matter if she fails or not. She’s going to do it.

But of course, not all Erzulliestas are into that kind of thing. Some Erzulliestas just want a promotion. Some Erzulliestas want to replenish their wardrobes, while some just want to get rid of those old toxic people in their lives.

Whatever goal you have set for yourself this year, Erzulliesta --- just make sure that it is believable for you.

Because you know it’s true. If you believe that you can, you will.

#2 Remind yourself constantly of your goals.

Put it on your phone. Put it on a post it and place it where you will see it. Make a poster. Draw it on your journal. Whatever it is that speaks to you.

You need to write these goals down in a place and manner that speaks to you and you can constantly be reminded of. You will thank me later.

#3 If you can do it now, DO IT NOW!

There is really nothing like the present. And although some goals may take time (seriously… if your goal is to have a baby  --- pretty sure you want the 9 months), for any sort of goal that you know you can already do --- DO IT NOW or forever hold your fierce?

Why? Because the energy is still fresh. Your optimism is still high and it’s just much more inspirational this way.

So go on, Erzulliesta. Keep it fierce!


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